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Freelance Writer - Ghostwriter - Coach - Editor

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Hi, I'm Edith,
Freelance Writer - Coach - Editor

I started my career as a translator specializing in medical, financial, fashion and marketing translation, and I honestly admit I stumbled my way into writing online.

So, Why Work With Me? 

I'll keep it simple:

  • former columnist for a national newspaper

  • courses: sales, journalism, writing, deep editing,  video creation, script writing, podcasting

  • seven years of SEO content creation

  • over 20 years of experience as a marketing, medical, IT, accounting, and fashion translator

  • Former member of Toastmasters International & public speaking courses at university

  • certified confidence coach

  • certified style coach & image consultant

  • mediation & conflict resolution certified (Texas)

Freelance Writer for Hire

Are you satisfied with your content? Is your company producing quality content, regularly? Remember content is still king. So whatever your challenges, as a freelance writer and ghostwriter I can work with you by taking your thoughts and ideas and helping you transform them into persuasive copy that informs, educates and resonates with your clients.

I’m Edith, and for two years I was self-improvement and grooming columnist for the national newspaper Diari d’Andorra.

I've also done trans-creation type product descriptions for - French. Spanish, English.

As a technical translator I have over 20 years of experience specializing in medical & pharmaceutical, accounting, architecture, and communications & marketing-related translation and trans-creation [French, Spanish, Catalan].

Whether you need a ghostwriter, content creator, or help managing your overflow of writing and editing work, I can help your company stand out by helping you articulate your products and services.

In addition to ghostwriting for clients, I’ve written content for my personal websites and online coaching course. My writings also include a screenplay titled Montse (Monserrat).

I Write For Income Coaching

You've probably heard that some people have actually been very successful at carving out an income for themselves online.  Well, it's true.

This is because the Internet has completely changed the landscape when it comes to freelancing, particularly freelance  writing. 

Whether you want to boost your income, create extra income for yourself in these stay-at-home times or even just to help with school fees that you know will eventually come knocking at your door, you'll find out how to do it here and very quickly, too.

Set your own hours and work from the comfort of your home or anywhere.

A Step-By-Step Coaching Program That Shows You How

With  a focus on journalistic writing, this is a fast-track coaching program that shows you how to set up quickly, find online jobs, and start writing your way into a meaningful income.


In just a few weeks, I'll share secrets, methods, strategies and tips to help you start creating income by writing online. This is not one of those get rich quick schemes that you find all over the Internet. This program is for serious-minded people who are looking for a genuine and very effective way to earn an additional source of income in these very trying times that we are in.

Query Writing Coaching

As a former columnist for a national newspaper I have one task: help you query your way to well-paid writing work.

Allow me to show you how!

Q: What is a query letter?

A: It's a letter/message introducing your story idea to editors of publications.

Q: What info is in a query letter?
A: It's a summary of your article idea, masterfully articulated.

Q: Can't I just write a cover letter and apply through job boards, instead of querying?

A: You can, if you know where to find them. But a query letter and cover letter are not the same. Besides, most writing work isn't even advertised.

Q: Is it difficult to write a query letter?

A: No, but there is a proven technique that you need to use if you want results, consistently.

Q: How else can you help me?

A: For an additional fee, I will help you find well-paying publications to send your query letter, and show you how to contact editors and publishers.

Q: How many times can I send a query letter to an editor or publication?

A: As many times as you like, until it's accepted.

Query Writing Details


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Property Valuation

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Health & Wellness

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Trusted by Companies and Entrepreneurs

Personal Development

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Edith est une super prof


Manager, Paris France

I like your direct feedback.

 Thank you!

G. Tumasyev

CEO Digital Marketing,

Moscow Russia

Edith has many years of international coaching experience.

It was time and money well spent. I have no hesitation in recommending Edith. She's a professional and she's very committed to helping her clients.  

Omotola Ude

Architect, Wroclaw Poland

Let Me Take Your Business to the Next Level

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Natural Hair Movement


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