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Skilled Writer - Coach &

Trans-creation Specialist with Over15 Years Experience

I began with simple blog posts, not taking it at all seriously because I had half-heartedly tried in the past but had made no headway. So, I concluded that this writing online thing didn't work.

However all of this changed when spontaneously, I decided to write an article and post it online. I received a comment from an established publisher who had read my article calling it an "outstanding submission".

This encouraged me to take a few more steps which I will share with you during my coaching program. By the next day I had received two writing offers and within two weeks, I had received 4 offers for continuous writing work.

This was years ago and the rest they say, is history...

Edith has many years of international coaching experience.

It was time and money well spent. I have no hesitation in recommending Edith. She's a professional and she's very committed to helping her clients.  

Omotola Ude

Wroclaw, Poland

Let’s Start Working Together!

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