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Services & Pricing

Core Services

Freelance Writing 

Here's a sample list of my writing areas:

  • real estate

  • climate & sustainability

  • business

  • marketing

  • life style

  • food

  • health & wellness

  • education

  • fashion & style

  • IT

  • HR

Writing for Income Coaching

The Coaching Program:

Having a website and knowing what you want to write about are the first steps. However, in order to be successful at this, you also need to have a blueprint and a strategy on how to approach the task of writing.

There are other factors that you will have to consider and these must be an integral part of your efforts. These include  how and where to find the jobs, as well as finding the tools to market your services.

You could go online and spend an eternity trying to dig up this info yourself, but even if you were lucky enough to find the right information, it still doesn't tell you how to pull everything together and use it in a way that will work for you. This is where my Coaching Program can help you tremendously.  

This is a step-by-step coaching program that walks you through the entire process:

  • Choosing your writing niche area(s)

  • Understanding why content is king, and how to make this work to your advantage.

  • Setting up your website - quickly

  • Where to look for well-paid writing jobs

  • How to put together your multi-approach job search plan

  • How to carry out professional editing using a step-by-step highly effective deep editing process, designed to level up even the most badly written work.

  • Creating your blueprint & strategy

  • Writing Resources

  • Accessing/creating your marketing tools

Query Writing Coaching

Q: English is not my native language. Can you still help me?

A: No problem. For an additional fee, I can help you edit and polish your query letter before you send it. 

Q: I'm squeezed for time. Can you write the query letters for me?

A: Yes I can, for an additional fee. Contact me.

Additional Services

Marketing & Start-Up Services 

  • proposals

  • business plans

  • websites

  • website content

  • white papers

  • case studies

  • e-newsletters

  • articles

  • blogs

  • podcasts

  • brochures

  • sales videos

  • video scripts

  • podcast scripts

Translation & Trans-creation


  • Catalan to English-US

  • French to English-US

  • Spanish to English-US

  • Kiswahili to English-US

  • Kinyarwanda to English-US


I write copy between the following languages:

  • Catalan to English-US

  • French to English-US

  • Spanish to English-US

  • Kiswahili to English-US

  • Kinyarwanda to English-US

Trans-creation basically involves writing marketing copy from one language to another. It's a highly specialized form of marketing translation.

Here's an article I wrote that might help you understand a little better:

What is transcreation?

Professional Deep Editing

You may already have your marketing content prepared but it needs re-writing or tweaking.


I can take the dullest text and with a highly effective deep editing process I can refine and polish your message in a way that brings it back to life so that it begins to produce results for you.

I follow a 9-step deep editing process developed by a former Wall Street Journal editor.

Pricing Plans

 It's Easy. Select your service. Next, contact me for accepted payment options.

Freelance Writing

Contact me for a free quote.

Write for Income Coaching

This program is short, targeted, effective and completely online. In just 5 weeks you'll be up and running, and ready to begin writing your way into more income.


Sign up today! 


Query Writing Coaching

How much does your query-writing coaching cost?

Query your way to well-paid writing work!


Marketing Material

Contact me with your requirements

Translation & Trans-creation

Contact me with your requirements

Professional Deep Editing

Contact me with your requirements

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